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School Workshop 6th - Aigues-Mortes 2019

The artistic project as it is envisaged makes it possible to work on skills that fall into several areas of the base:



  • domain 1 “Languages for thinking and communicating” and more particularly the competence

This skill is worked on through the project approach, in which the class observes, analyzes and expresses itself through various artistic languages.


  • domain 2  "Methods and tools for learning" and more particularly the competence

Defining and respecting an organization and a division of tasks will be necessary for the realization of the project.


  • Domain 3 “Representations of the world and human activity” and more particularly competence within the framework of the practice of various forms of artistic creation.

Joliot curie.jpg
  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
  • Partners
  • Collaborators
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