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A natural garden... 

Dense and stratified, sober and light. 

A meadow of different heights, shapes and textures nuanced from green to grey, evolving with the wind. 

The vegetation grows to the point of submerging the visitor. 

To venture out from it, the visitor must graze it, touch it, listen to it, smell it, observe it. 

The garden seems impenetrable. 


A red line... 

It undulates, dances, flies over and takes shape through abundant vegetation. 

It challenges, surprises, calls and finally leads the visitor on a unique journey. 

The red line reveals the route that will take us through strange promontories. 



Immobile and stable, dynamic and colorful, they invert the notion of the garden. 

The sensitive element, preserved, becomes fixed and structural. 

Playing with these Flowers, the visitor climbs them and discovers the route taken. 

The garden reveals itself and offers its beauty.  

From these promontories, we observe the dance of the red thread, becoming in turn the Flower Signal.

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