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Chrysalis night view.jpg


TreeHouse Award

Friday night. The city is getting far away, as its traffic jam, vegetable replace mineral. Little by little, trees multiply themselves and get higher. The forest grows and the weekend starts. 

All around is only nature. 

In the middle of this nature, a treehouse is standing, waiting for its guests. 

Hanged on a Sequoia, it blends in its environment. Flexible and light, it lives, breathes, wiggles and vibrates with the tree, letting it grow and develop. Its envelope collects and stocks rain water, absorbs solar energy to produce its own energy. 

Like a tree, the treehouse is alive and self-sufficient. 

A simple hanging system leaves the choice to the supporting tree. The modular elements split spaces between day and night, favoring the independence of spaces inside the house. 

Detached from the floor, it offers a refuge to the person who comes to resource themselves, a shelter to break away from daily stress, a place of calm and retreat, in harmony with its environment. 

As a chrysalis allows a caterpillar to become a butterfly, the treehouse offers its inhabitant, the tranquility necessary for its transformation and the serenity adequate for dreams and contemplation.

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