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Climate change and the materials crisis
beginnings of the beginning of the century led to a modification
radical in human society.

The submersion of the old coastal metropolises and the
massive desertification of the lands between the parallels
45 south and north forced the nine billion human beings to
focus on ever smaller spaces.
The depletion of fossil fuel reserves makes
impossible private transport and considerably increases the
freight cost.

The city must now organize its own agricultural production.

Given the dizzying concentration of individuals and
of activities, the city becomes stratified, organized vertically.
It takes its example from its deceased cousins, the forests

Habitat mutates, it becomes collectivized.

Old family patterns disappear.
Due to a lack of space, the private zones are reduced to micro-
individual cells as life zones see each other

The ultra densification of the city requires total mechanization
intra-urban exchanges.
The transport network is automated and walking is no longer
possible only on the urban canopy.

Everything has to be done.

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