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A succession of wooden frames welcomes the visitor and takes him on a unique journey. The structure aspires and guides the visitor to discover the garden. Once penetrated, the frames create the atmospheres, the shadows on the ground draw solids and voids, reflections of the framework. The play of lights gives rhythm to the course, transforming the landscape at each bend.

The frames are rhythmic like the malleable bellows of the accordion, the two entries meet in its center. The garden then invades the structure and turns it upside down.

On one side, an expanse of aromatics seems to penetrate the structure; we see them, we feel them, we touch them until we are overwhelmed. On the other hand, a flowering meadow of nectariferous plants attracts many butterflies and pollinating insects. The innumerable plants, with shapes, textures and colors subtly associated, play with the wind and the light, transport smells, produce sounds.

The garden is alive, crossing it, we soak up everything it provides. It awakens our senses, transports us, opens us up to a multitude of sensations and emotions. It envelops us, questions us, challenges us and awakens us.

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