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The Trip to Nantes – Nantes 2016


Fragment of the VAN, OSCILLATION presents a succession of wooden doors that accompany the visitor along a unique journey.


This structure inspires us and guides us to rediscover the street (differently).


Once penetrated, the frames create the atmospheres, the shadows on the ground form solids and voids, reflections of the framework. The play of lights gives rhythm to the route, transforming the visitor's gaze throughout the journey.


The succession of wooden frames is rhythmic like the malleable bellows of the accordion.

The more or less close frames define the views, direct the gaze, open onto the street, the construction site or hide it, leading us through a sensory experience.  the path.

The smell of wood attracts passers-by to enter and set off on a journey.  The journey transports the visitor throughout the journey. The journey is not straight, it is winding, full of surprises and pitfalls.


When we choose to go to the heart of the journey, we immerse ourselves in all that it provides. It awakens our senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch, but not only. It transports us, opens us to a multitude of sensations and emotions. He questions us, challenges us, awakens us.


The route is adapted to the street. It changes as you progress.


The frameworks and installations leave residents and visitors the possibility of appropriating it in their own way.


When the frames evaporate along the street we become aware of the dream we have just experienced, the relationship between the structure and the street is revealed to us.

  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
  • Partners
  • Collaborators

Crédit photo: ©Tim Fox pour Iris Photographie

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