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Pavilion of the Festival des Architectures Vives 2018


Addressing the problem of the smart city from the angle of technology would make no sense if we do not involve the citizens who practice it. “Prisme” then offers users of the Cour St Côme the opportunity to take a new look at this urban environment through a reflection on the relationship between “interior” and “exterior”, “visible” and “invisible”. The FAV 2018 reception pavilion is an invitation to stroll, mystery, play and interaction between visitors. It defines a space for exchange and communication.


The raw wood brings a color, a texture and an odor impacting the whole of the court, modifying it the time of the festival to better mark the visitors and invite them to put themselves in scene. Convergence, interaction, meeting and play are the key words to approach this work. “Prisme” blurs the interior/exterior relationship and questions us about the problems of perception of spaces.

Like an organism that grows, its forms push back the limits, expanding in space and its accents of color call the gaze in an extension of forms in movement. The dialogue between wood and stone, their differences in mass, temperature, light, offers us a subtle exchange and induces a reflection on the notions of scale.


The architectonic space loses the privilege of containing and dominating the objects that compose it. The place is interpreted as object and the object as place.

  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
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Crédit photo: ©Ludovic pour Iris Photographie

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