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Between the industrial memories and the dreams of a new modernity in the island of Nantes, are the buried rails of a ghost train that belongs to the SNFC. 

The ephemeral present lays for a few years on dry land, symbolically forming a fracture in the original line of rails. 

The rails rise, twist and then descend before starting again and again. 

That's when it appears. The skeletal structure of a ship opening up and looking proudly skyward. It is no longer ghosts but the people of Nantes who then make the clicking of their heels and the twinkling of their chains heard on the wooden slats of the bridge. This crossing will only last, in fact, just a while…

  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
  • Partners
  • Collaborators

Crédit photo: ©Ludovic pour Iris Photographie

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