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Ephemeral scene - Parc Georges-Valbon - Paris 2021

Call for expressions of interest
For the reactivation of the green theater

of the Georges-Valbon departmental park


"Do you love birds that much,  

That you were paternally concerned,  To yield this perch to their little feet?” 

Could we now hear this season in the verdant park of Georges Valbon.  

Within the history of mutation in the scene of urban social activities that persists until now, the scene is displayed on the old stones of the Théâtre de Verdure, which awakens after 30 years of architectural sleep.


A half-moon shape flatters the panache of the theatrical performance. Both sides expand brightly from the impassioned actor towards its ideal public.

  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
  • Partners
  • Collaborators
Capture d’écran 2021-09-23 à 19.17.27.png

Crédit photo: ©Iris Photographie

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