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FAV PAVILION - Festival of Lively Architectures - Montpellier 2012

In the center of the Cour St Côme, mineral, sits a wooden cube, monumental, fashioned from thousands of cleats. From the street, the rectilinear, rigid framework suggests a flexible, intriguing form.


The cube invites discovery. Once through the gates of the courtyard, the visitor walks around the Pavilion and discovers what he had sensed from the outside.

The pavilion opens up and reveals the symbiosis of a cube, a controlled, rigid volume and an ovoid with soft, irregular curves.


It is the result of these two forms, shaped in the heart of the pavilion which finally welcomes the visitor in search of information.

  • Designers
    Atelier-Vector – Architecture laboratory
  • Partners
  • Collaborators

Crédit photo: ©Ludovic pour Iris Photographie

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