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Somewhere, at the edge of seas and oceans, a boat sails aimlessly. It was, however, a key piece in turn of the French navy and that of Brazil. The Foch then the São Paulo patiently awaits its late dismantling. Some even speak of agony.

However, the world is turned upside down. The wa- ters are rising. Lives and cities are threatened and resources are scarce.

Let’s look at what we already have. A boat with a length of 870 feet is more than 325 000 feets square on 8 levels, a real piece of floating city and Miami, an experimental city . Moreover, it is from the city that he was born. So let’s put him to rest near the city. Let it become the city itself! And an international symbol of peace by the occasion and an invitation to reflect on abandoned ships in the face of rising waters and housing needs.

It must come back to life. The jury is invited to approach and zoomed in to see this life. He can get lost in the green spaces, shops, restaurants, swimming pool. But be careful, make sure you are on time at deck 4, you could miss the show.

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