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Atelier Vecteur was founded in 2010, from the encounter of 5 members. Architects, designers, artists, graphic designers all having in common their time in the school of architecture of Montpellier.


The initial goal is to create a tool allowing its members to experiment with original architectural and artistic practices, to free themselves from the restraints of traditional practice and to implement occasional collaborations, adapted to the projects selected by the collective.


The practice is consolidated by various professional experiences around the world: Ireland, Australia, China, Germany, Canada; the Atelier Vector draws its dynamism from a confrontation of experiences and multidisciplinary associations.

The three guiding principles of the Atelier Vector defining the projects are: the module, the use of a single material and the design / realization of the projects.


Articulating multiple creative fields, the Atelier Vecteur aims to be a laboratory of ideas and a tool for achievements. 


Beyond a functional reflection, it is the architectural and artistic experimentation that are at the core of Atelier Vector's approach.

Come and discover now some of our latest projects.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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