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It is in the city of three rivers that the story of this recipe takes place. Every recipe has a story after all. 

This is transmitted along the walls. And the murmur in rhythm of wood comes to shelter the terrace of the restaurant Trattoria. 

First, take an entrance facing the street. Remember to dilute its wood. It is imperative to take care of your choice like the smell of a good kitchen. 

To follow, a little light. To know if it is of good quality, it must play with verticality and merge with saffron. Cut it into strips. Thus its absence will change into a fine smoke that will guide the greediest.  

For the terrace, do not forget to raise it because it must be high to be appreciated. Let it swell and brown, it will only be more welcoming. 

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Crédit photo: ©Damien pour Iris Photographie

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